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Our reimbursement assistance team can provide:

  • Medicare报销费率
  • 评估医疗保险和商业保险覆盖政策
  • Coverage appeals support

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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

*Cook’s policy is to offer only information that is complete, accurate, straightforward, and consistent with the statutes and regulations of the federal government and well-accepted coding guidelines as established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”), the American Medical Association (“AMA”), the American Hospital Association (“AHA”), and other relevant professional societies.


Though the pass-through payments for most C-codes no longer exist, Medicare does require that C-codes continue to be included on hospital claims paid under the OPPS. This is done so that Medicare can adequately capture the resources required to provide services and can use this resource information to establish adequate payment rates in the future. In fact, Medicare has defined certain procedures as being device dependent, and claims for these procedures will be denied if they don’t also include the necessary C-code. See additional information.