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关于Cook Medical的公开付款方式的常见问题解答(美国医师18新利手机app下载支付阳光法)


Laws have been created in the United States to encourage transparency in the relationships between physicians and industry. The 2010 US Physician Payments Sunshine Act, now more commonly called Open Payments, required that in 2013 we begin tracking our financial interactions with physicians and teaching hospitals. Annually, the financial information is reported on a public, government website by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).



打开付款(also known as the Sunshine Act) requires that medical device, pharmaceutical, biological, and medical supply manufacturers report certain transfers of value made to physicians and teaching hospitals.



Another goal is to deter the kind of financial relationships that can sometimes lead to increased healthcare costs.

Who is affected by Open Payments?

US-licensed physicians and US-based teaching hospitalsgroup purchasing organizations (GPOs)那andmanufacturersof drugs, medical devices, biologicals, and medical supplies.



What is being reported and when?

Annually by March 31, Cook must submit a detailed report to CMS of payments or transfers of value made the prior calendar year. The financial reports include:

  • 医师的名字
  • 美元付款或价值转移的金额
  • 这nature of the payment (chosen from a pre-determined list of categories—see the next question for more information)
  • 简短的语境描述为何需要付款

审查和争议期:After CMS combines all the reported data, registered physicians and teaching hospitals are given 45 days to review the data for accuracy andresolve disputes with the manufacturers。A template dispute form is available to physicians and teaching hospitals在CMS注册以查看数据。然后制造商有15天才能纠正并重新提交数据。


What is a transfer of value?

Providing anything with discernible economic value, tangible or intangible, directly or indirectly. Below are examples of what is considered a transfer of value under Open Payments. These are called“付款的性质”in the CMS database and are considered a transfer of value.

  • 慈善捐助
  • Consulting fees or (fee-for-service work)
  • Education
  • 娱乐
  • Food and beverage
  • 礼物
  • 赠送
  • Honoraria
  • 研究活动,包括临床试验中的患者
  • 特许权使用费
  • Speaker fees
  • Travel and lodging

Can I find out what's being reported from Cook Medical under my name?


  1. 医生和教学医院可以直接从Cook Medical申请报告18新利手机app下载OpenPayments@cookMedical.com.or by calling 1.800.457.4500.
  2. 医生和教学医院可以查看数据CMS.website在审查期间。他们需要注册以访问数据库。

Will physicians and teaching hospitals need to report transfers of value?

No, physicians and teaching hospitals do not need to collect or submit to CMS data about transfers of value they have received. They may want to keep track of payments received from manufacturers so that they can verify that the correct information was reported, however.


Expenses are recorded at the time payment is issued to the physician or teaching hospital, not the time the expense was incurred.



  • 付款或其他价值的转移少于:
    • 10.97(109.69美元每个医生总)为2020
    • 2021美元11.04美元(每位医师总额110.40美元)
  • Items under a certain value provided at large-scale conferences or events在哪里难以建立项目的收件人的身份:
    • 2020年不到10.97美元
    • 2021年不到11.04美元
  • 直接受益患者的教育材料或者用于患者使用。这不包括为自己的教育提供给医生的教育材料。
  • Discounts and rebates.
  • 实物物品for the provision of charity care.
  • Product samples,这被定义为用于患者使用的演示和评估产品。18新利app
  • Short-term (less than 90 days) loans of equipment

Please visit theCMS.打开付款website想要查询更多的信息。

Can I reimburse the company for a transfer of value after the fact?



Before each annual posting of data, physicians will be given 45 days to review the data and用制造商直接解决争议。然后制造商有15天才能纠正并重新提交数据。

医生和教学医院需要register with CMSto access the database and to dispute data that has been reported. The CMS website provides a dispute template.

Where can I get more information about Open Payments?

CMS.andAMAwebsites both have more detailed information about Open Payments.

In addition, we at Cook Medical have a team who can help with questions from physicians and teaching hospitals. Please feel free to send us an email atOpenPayments@cookMedical.com.or call us at 1.800.457.4500 with your specific questions.